Free Roof Estimate in Connecticut

Free Roofing Prices CT & Roofing Estimates in CT

For some getting a free roof estimate in Connecticut can seem a little frightening. The truth is getting a price on a new roof for your home in Connecticut couldn’t be easier. Here are some tips on getting a fair price for your new roof.

  • First choose a Connecticut roof contractor or roofing company in CT that has the expertise to handle your project
  • Get a maximum of three roof estimates and don’t fall victim to high pressure sales, review all of the free Connecticut roof estimates and if there is something you don’t understand ask the contractor to explain it to you.
  • Your roofing company in CT should be licensed and insured. They should also should be getting the building permit as you will need one to complete your new roof installation.
  • Be sure all construction debris is hauled away and included in the free roofing estimate.
  • A roof inspection will reveal how many layers of roofing are present. You are allowed 2 layers maximum in Connecticut. If there are 2 layers all of the roofing will need to be removed. If there is 1 layer you may add another. Caution here, Be sure that there has not been any leaks in the past and that the roofing shingles currently in place are in good condition other wise the next layer will not seal correctly. There may be damaged plywood under the shingles. Be sure your prepared for those extra costs if damaged wood is found. Ask your Connecticut roofing contractor to give you an idea of costs if damaged wood is found.
  • When removing all the shingles and starting from scratch, be sure all flashing and underlayments such as ice and water shield are properly added for your installation.
  • Make sure proper ventilation is added to insure the longevity of your new roof.
  • For some getting a new roof estimate is a big task. Just remember, some of it is common sense, some of it needs a professionals touch. Pick the Connecticut roof contractor that has a reasonable price and one you feel you can trust.

Free Roof Estimate in Connecticut

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